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What Kind of Coffee Do Most Restaurants Use

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Whenever you want to hang out with someone, what is the place where you go? You either go to that person’s apartment or you together decide to go to a cafe or a restaurant. Apart from a conversation that can probably last for hours (especially if you haven’t seen that person soon), there is a big chance you are drinking a coffee as well. That can be a replacement for a dessert, but some people drink it before they even start eating.

Coffee is not just a typical beverage. It has a higher meaning than that. Many people will probably agree it is a synonym for friendships, socialization, and good mood. Of course, there are people that can’t live without coffee (this is something they say).

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They will always go to a restaurant to drink one before their morning shift. Many of them will even decide on this move during breaks within their shift. Is there a better way to relax than to sit in a quiet restaurant and drink a cup of coffee?

Anyway, restaurants are aware of the demand that people have. They want to help them feel pleasant by offering different types of coffee. Because of that, we decided to highlight the most important ones. This is something that both owners and guests should know. Owners will manage to be better than their competitors or at least stay competitive while guests will know what to expect. So, if you want to find out more about different kinds of coffee served at restaurants, we invite you to continue reading!


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Espresso – the coffee lovers like to say this is the best thing Italians have imagined. Generally speaking, this is a cliche type of coffee popular in all parts of the world. But, it seems that it will never become boring. The espresso is served in a small cup, but some restaurants like to add milk or serve it in a bit bigger cup. This is something we will explain in the further text as all these experiments have names (different types of coffee).

Anyway, espresso is the base of the coffee world. It is something you can drink for a couple of seconds. Apart from that, it will certainly have an impact on you, especially if you are sleepy. We do not recommend you drink a lot of them daily. It will be enough to drink one in the morning hour, eventually another one somewhere in the noon. Drinking it before sleeping will ensure that you do not sleep at all!


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There is nothing complicated to understand about this beverage. It is a typical black coffee. However, Americano does not “come alone”. It is a beverage that also contains a shot of espresso that is mixed with hot water. In most restaurants, you will have two different options. You can either drink it with cold or hot milk. We have to highlight the origins of this coffee do not necessarily have to be American. Currently, the origins are unknown which makes this coffee a bit mysterious.


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Well, cappuccino may not be a tasty coffee for everyone. But, it will certainly be amazing for coffee lovers that enjoy foamy milk. The preparation of the type of coffee is extremely simple. All you need to do is to get a hot (never cold) steamed milk and simply mix it with one shot of espresso. The milk will get poured onto the top of the cup.

Flat White

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We have to admit this is a bit modern type of coffee because it recently appeared on the menus of restaurants around the globe. More precisely, in some parts of the world, a flat white is not even served. Anyway, the first thing we have to say is – this coffee is extremely strong. Their strength is somewhere between cappuccino and espresso. At least, that is the most common description we have read online.

But, it is different from other types of beverages on this list for a simple reason – it contains two shots of espresso. After the two shots of espresso get poured into the cup, you will have to add pouring steamed milk. That is the best way to combine the milk and foam. It is a pretty velvety coffee which can be another important fact in case you haven’t tried it so far.


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Some people believe there is no difference between espresso and macchiato. In many restaurants, these are even synonyms. But, there is a small difference. You will get a small layer of milk as well.

That won’t influence the overall taste of the coffee. It will only make it less harsh. So, if you want something lighter than typical espresso, this is something you should order next time when you visit any restaurant.


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Speaking of similar types of coffee, macchiato and cortado are two variants that confuse even the waiters. Anyway, just like in the previous case, the shot of espresso gets mixed with only a small amount of milk.

But, the type of milk used here is a bit different, especially when we talk about consistency. Apart from that, the milk in this case is served warm. It will probably be better to drink macchiato for summer while leaving cortado for winter. Of course, this is just our opinion!


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It is hard to say which of these coffee types is the most popular one. However, we are pretty sure mocha is on the top of that list. The reason why people love it is simple. One of the ingredients of this delicious beverage is chocolate. When you look closer, this is actually a latte that contains that ingredient. Some restaurants decide to add hot chocolate powder over steamed milk.

However, that’s not always the case. In some places, you will get mocha that contains chocolate sauce or even melted chocolate. An interesting fact is that this beverage comes from Yemen. Mocha is one of the cities there. While this drink is pretty modern for people around the globe, people from Yemen were drinking it even during the 18th century. Doesn’t this seem cool?


Well, these are just some of the most popular types of coffee that are most common in restaurants around the world. If you are a curious coffee lover or simply an entrepreneur that would want to get some specialty coffee subscription, reaching follycoffee.com after reading this article would be amazing. There you can find out more information about different types of this beverage and potentially try some of them.