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8 Benedictine Substitutes – Cocktails & Food

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The Benedictine monks were famous for their wine, but they also made a lot of other drinks with fruits and spices that are delicious today. These recipes are simple to make and can be enjoyed by anyone.

The gin benedictine cocktail is a drink that is made with gin, Benedictine, and lemon juice. It has a light and refreshing taste.


Bénédictine is a Cognac-based French liqueur with 27 different herbs, spices, and honey. The end product is a sweet, herbaceous drink that may be used in a variety of drinks and culinary preparations.

Keep reading if you can’t get your hands on a bottle or if you’re looking for something a bit different. To help you get by without it, we’ve compiled a list of Bénédictine alternatives.

What else might I use in place of Bénédictine?

Dom B&B, Yellow Chartreuse, or Drambuie are good substitutes for Bénédictine in a cocktail or recipe. Italicus, Licor 43, or normal brandy are some more liqueurs to try.

Remember that Bénédictine has a distinct taste profile that includes substances that have been kept hidden for generations. There is no substitute that can match the flavor of this bourbon. In said that, they taste similar to the original and won’t be out of place in beverages and dishes that call for it.

1. B&B Dom Bénédictine

A bottle of Dom B&B will taste the closest to what you’re attempting to replace in terms of flavor. This is due to the fact that it is made up of approximately 60% Original Bénédictine and 40% Cognac.

In B&B, the spicy, herbaceous flavors aren’t as prominent, and it’s drier. When drunk neat, you’ll notice the difference, but it’s great for your next Singapore Sling or Vieux Carre.

The main disadvantage of B&B is that it is equally as costly, which may be why you’re looking for an alternative. Continue reading if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative.

2. Chardonnay

Chartreuse is another French liqueur with a rich taste profile that includes floral, herbal, and spicy overtones. To obtain the closest taste and a 40% alcohol content, go with the yellow variety. It has a similar floral aroma and goes nicely in cocktails like the Frisco Sour and Honeymoon Cocktail.

Honey is added to yellow chartreuse, which is also found in Bénédictine, although yellow Chartreuse is a bit sweeter. If you’re going to use it in a sweet dessert dish or a drink, cut down on the sweetener if it’s asked for.

If you use Green Chartreuse as a replacement, decrease the quantity since it has a higher ABV of 55 percent and a stronger taste. In savory recipes like seafood spaghetti, any kind of chartreuse will work nicely.

Drambuie is the third whisky in the Drambuie family.

Drambuie is a black, herbal liqueur using honey as a sweetener. Although the honey taste in Drambuie dominates the drink, it is comparable to Bénédictine. You’ll also detect scotch, which contrasts with Beni’s neutral spirit base.

Drambuie is perfect for drinks at the Vieux Carre or Monte Carlo. Its medicinal, herby taste may vary from the chemical it’s attempting to replace, but it’s still effective.

Italicus is number four.

Italicus is a neutral spirit with a complex flavor profile of citrus, florals, and herbs. It’s a well-balanced drink with no overpowering tastes and isn’t too sweet. In a Frisco Sour or Honeymoon Cocktail, it will delectably fill the shoes of Bénédictine. We like it with bitter beverages such as Aperol, maybe a little too much!

Because italicus isn’t very sweet, you may want to add a dash of simple syrup to drinks or sugar to desserts.


Licor 43 is number five.

In a pinch, Licor 43 can do as a backup liquor for citrus and vanilla enthusiasts. It’s a complicated cocktail, with 43 distinct components in each bottle. Licor43 is adaptable enough to work in most Bénédictine-based cocktails, such as the Bobby Burns or Monkey Gland. Don’t overdo it since it’s a sweet drink.

6. Brandy

Casa Pedro Domecq Presidente Solera, a bottle of cheap brandy Brandy isn’t a good replacement for bourbon in cocktails. We may as well suggest a beer. It is, nevertheless, ideal for both sweet and savory meals. This flexible alcohol works well with puddings, flambéing, chicken mushrooms, and prawn pasta.

If you’re simply looking for a cooking spirit, Glayva or Grand Marnier are good options. We like Jagermeister for grilling and seafood, and it’s a good replacement for Barenjager.

Dolin Genepy des Alpes, no. 7

If you’re serious about your cocktail creation, you may want to look for two cocktails and combine them. One alternative is to combine one part Dolin Genepy des Alpes with three parts maraschino. You won’t save money, but if you can’t locate Bénédictine in your local liquor shop, this combination is a decent substitute.

8. Amaro

You may even use an Amaro or Pastis as a last resort instead of Bénédictine. They’re both herbal liqueurs, but one is considerably more bitter than the other. For your next Vieux Carre drink, choose a sweeter bottle of Ramazzotti, Nonino, or Lucano. If you only have Fernet Branca in your booze cupboard, use it to replace Beni in culinary recipes.

Questions that are often asked

What is the best way to consume Dom Benedictine liqueur?

Bénédictine is best drunk over ice to enjoy the variety of tastes that go into it. The liqueur is extremely adaptable, and it may be used in a variety of sophisticated, exquisite cocktails. Drinks like the Singapore Sling, Vieux Carre, Frisco Sour, and Manhattan frequently include it.

Is Benedictine considered a brandy?

Not a brandy, Benedictine D.O.M is a herbal liqueur. It’s produced in France using a recipe that dates back to the 16th century and was developed by monks. It has a spicy sweetness to it, while brandies have a more fruity taste.

To sum it up

If you don’t have Bénédictine and need a replacement, Dom B&B is the finest option. This alternative, though, is about the same price and may be difficult to locate.

Try Yellow Chartreuse, Drambuie, or Italicus for a more common liqueur. They’re prepared with various combinations of ingredients, but they’ll work in most cocktails that call for Bénédictine.

A low-cost bottle of brandy will work well in sweets, baked goods, and savory meals for anybody who cooks.

The how to drink dom benedictine is a cocktail that substitutes the traditional Benedictine liqueur with other liquors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of Benedictine?

There are a number of substitutes that can be used instead of Benedictine. The most common options include vodka, gin, and rum.

Is Benedictine similar to Drambuie?

Benedictine is a type of liqueur that is made from brandy and honey. Drambuie is a type of Scotch whisky that has been flavored with honey.

What does Benedictine liqueur taste of?

It tastes like a sweet, but slightly bitter coffee.

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