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Alfajores Recipe

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These Venezuelan cookies are made with flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, cinnamon and an egg.

Alfajores are a type of cookie that are made from dulce de leche, which is a type of milk caramel. They are typically served with coffee or tea. The recipe for making them can be found on the Peru Wikipedia page.

Alfajores are a simple cookie recipe popular across South America, particularly in Argentina and Peru. Shortbread-style dough is used to make these beautiful little cookies, which are then filled with dulce de leche and rolled with shredded coconut. They’re so soft that they melt in your tongue, perfectly blending the cookie’s delicacy with the creamy dulce de leche’s caramel-like smoothness.

To create alfajores, you don’t need any special ingredients. To make the cookie discs, you’ll need flour, cornstarch, sugar, yolk, and vanilla extract from your pantry. There are many variations of this dish due to its popularity. Although a typical alfajor is circular, you may cut your cookies into whatever form you choose.

What are Alfajores, exactly?

Alfajores are a traditional, indulgent South American dish. These dulce de leche-filled sandwich shortbread biscuits are wrapped in shredded coconut for a delicious delicacy that melts in your mouth.

The name “alfajor” is believed to originate from the Arabic ah-hasu, which meaning “stuffed,” due to its sandwiched construction. They originate in Spain and the Middle East, where the recipe was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors during their reign.


To keep the dough from drying out, add a little cold water or milk at a time.

If you overmix the dough for a long period, the cookies will become tough.

You may prepare the dough ahead of time, then bake and fill the cookies as needed.

What is the best way to store Alfajores?

Alfajores may be kept at room temperature for approximately a week in an airtight container.

These sandwich cookies may be frozen for up to 2 months and thawed overnight in the fridge.

Alfajores: How to Make Them


In a mixing basin, combine the flour, cornstarch, and baking powder, along with a sprinkle of salt.


In a separate dish, beat the butter, sugar, and lemon zest together until very pale, using a food mixer or an electric whisk.


Combine the egg yolks, Cognac, and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl.


Mix in the dry ingredients until a smooth dough forms. If the dough is too dry to work with and breaks easily, moisten it with a little water until it becomes more malleable. Play with the dough as little as possible in general. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.


Using baking paper, line two large baking pans. Roll out the dough to the thickness of a pound coin on a lightly floured board, then cut out 60 biscuits using a 5cm cutter. Return the biscuits to the fridge for another 20 minutes to firm up.


Preheat the oven to 350°F/160°C fan/gas 4 (350°F/160°C). Bake for 8 minutes, or until the biscuits are just set. Keep an eye on the biscuits to ensure they don’t burn. You want them to remain pale and crumbly. Remove from the oven and cool on the tray before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.


Allow a spoonful of dulce de leche to cool fully before adding it.


Add another biscuit on top. If you put too much caramel on top, it will be squashed by the lid when you place it on top.


Roll in shredded coconut after all of the biscuits have been sandwiched together.


If you don’t want to create a mess with the caramel, pipe circular lumps onto the foundation biscuits using a piping bag.

The chocolate alfajores recipe is a traditional Venezuelan dessert made with layers of chocolate, dulce de leche, and cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are alfajores made of?

Alfajores are made of flour, sugar, and egg yolks.

What do alfajores taste like?


What does alfajor mean?

Alfajor is a type of cookie that comes in many different shapes and sizes. They are usually round, but can also be square or triangular.

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